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Moving Forward to Self-Publish

February 15, 2010

Yesterday Pete and I made a simple decision.  Both of us have been in sales and marketing now for a combination of 25 years. What can a small press do for me that I can’t do on my own? Nothing that I can see so far.

The only press that can do more for me than I can would be a New York based one and so far I haven’t had much luck attracting an agent to get one to read my work. For the next few months I’m going to continue forward with a plan to self-publish.  I’m also going to send my full MS to the editors that requested it last JULY – in the hopes they can get to it in a few months.  But, I’m not pinning my hopes and dreams on it anymore like I did with the Dorchester contest.

I’ve proven I have a reader base and interest in the story, so now I’ve got to put my money where my mouth is and take a risk.  Pretty much everything I could possibly make on the first 4,000 books sold will go into advertising and promotion – but spread out over six months or so we should be able to absorb the loss.

Yes, I do realize in a perfect world that money flows to the author and not away.  But I’ve had to spend money to make money in the past, so I’m not particularly worried about it in the big picture.

This week I need to get my butt off the computer and do some serious planning.  First mail Facebook edition books out, next mail books out to reviewers with an actual release date stated in the cover letter.  Paint the murphy bed Pete built over the winter break  – I’ll post pictures to show you the before, during and after shots. Go to lunch with my buddy Wendy, who does public relations professionally, and pick her brain. And map out a detailed marketing plan. All with two doctor visits, a home nurse visit, daily antibiotic IV drips and what looks like more snow in the forecast (save me from more days off school – please!!).

Not to mention re-read and edit V V again.  Any of you out there that bought hard copies of the manuscript and have spotted errors – please email them to me.  I want to make this book shine to the best of my abilities, and since those are pretty meager in the proof-reading area, I would LOVE your help.

You guys have told me from the beginning I should publish it now, so here I am, listening.  I’m not going to be able to do it all on my own and will take any help you’re willing to give.  I’d love to prove all those nay-sayers wrong.  I always root for the underdog in real life and usually have been one myself throughout the years.

So here’s to hoping I can bring home a win for the little guy – the ones who have a dream and want to pursue it.  The ones afraid to take the biggest step in their lives because the odds seems so high against them. To quote my husband last night “What’s the big deal?  The worst that can happen is you fail and don’t sell many books.  You won’t know if you don’t try.”

Raise your cyber glasses with me in a toast ~ Cheers! May this new venture prove successful and I make you all proud ~


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