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Blizzard = Pajamas

February 8, 2010

Ah… here I am… snowed in.  Our street has still not been fully plowed and we can’t leave our driveway unless my husband digs out a twelve foot long trench from the bottom of our driveway to the single plow-width pathway in the road on the other side of the street. Something I’m trying to discourage him to do.

We’ve had a four-hour brown-out, which was scary because the house temp dropped significantly in that time frame, lots of hot coco, and now one seven-year-old with a stomach bug.  The virus has quarantined his sister from socializing as well (much to her dismay).  I figured her friend’s parents wouldn’t appreciate a little virus carrier in their home, so she’ll be allowed to visit when he brother’s symptoms have disappeared for 24 hours.

So why pajamas?  Well, we’re snowed in.  I can’t shower easily with a picc line in my arm, no one is coming over, pajamas are comfy – and oh, did I mention? I’m not going anywhere with all the damn snow, so who cares?

The picc line has been interesting to say the least.  The hospital had an emergency when I was there so I had to wait three hours in a backless gown huddled on a gurney waiting my turn.  Thankfully, I had Laurell K Hamilton’s new release, Flirt, there to keep me company. The book was okay, but I wish I’d waited for the paperback version.  That will be the last time I pre-order from Amazon without reading the description details first.  Less than 200 pages for a hardcover? Can you say greedy? It should have gone straight to paperback and if I was dishonest, I’d return it and say I never read it.  But I won’t, because I’m not.

Last week I started working on The Hunt again.  It feels great to be reading over the early chapters and plotting my next moves.  I’ve been editing my own work, plus Supriya’s and Greg’s, in addition to posting on Wicked Writers, WDC, in the beta reading group, and working an IV drip in my arm (oh, and managing my snowed in household, should I mention that?)

What have I been neglecting?  Mailing books out to reviews and supporters, figuring out various paypal issues, emailing people back who’ve requested info, sending out new queries… that last one never seems to end.  I was worried about the picc line and stressed about my health, both of which have made it hard to juggle everything.

I’ll be glad when the kids are back in school (maybe by Wednesday – can you give me a   halleluiah!) and the meds are over (March!!). I want to be back to normal and focused on the second book.  Not to mention find a buyer for the first one.

Toward that goal, I’ve entered the Amazon Novel Breakthrough Award contest.  Do I think Vampire Vacation will win out of 5,000 entries? No, not really.  Do I think it could get noticed in the contest?  Yes, that is my sincere hope. I’ll keep you all posted on that – I may need some Amazon reviews of my excerpt if I make it to the next phase.  Here’s to hoping!

Recently, V V was reviewed again by a book blogger named Heather, on her site The 24/7 Mom.  She approached me when she saw my forum post on a book-blogger social network called Ning looking for reviewers. I’m grateful she took the time to read V V and share her thoughts – thanks Heather!  In addition to a V V giveaway offered on her site, there is another eight book giveaway offered on Wicked this month too in honor of Valentine’s Day. Please check them both out!

Wishing you all a warm week, I’m off to attempt a shower with my saran-wrapped arm!

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  1. February 11, 2010 6:01 am

    Hi CJ :)Thank you for the update post & good luck with the submission! All the best,RKCharron

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