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No skiing – apparently vodka and antibiotics don’t mix

January 25, 2010

I’ve been on a mission to lose weight and get healthy this year.  The first goal has been given a jump start by me cutting down severely on my love of gluten free beer and a mixed drink of cranberry, seltzer with a shot of vodka (does that have a bar name? I’m pretty dumb on that stuff.)

The second goal I started with lining up more doctor visits.  Those are never fun – but finding out the problem is the Lyme’s and not MS is worth it. The new medication did the trick.  The neuropathy in my hands and feet went away in a week of taking the new treatment.

Alas, cutting back on drinking to consume less calories left me un-prepared on our ski weekend away when I had four or five drinks the first night.  Alcohol tolerance doesn’t diminish in matter of weeks – it wasn’t like I got drunk as a skunk when consuming them over a seven hour period of time.

But I was certainly sick as a dog the next day – all damn day.  I missed skiing and everyone had a blast.  I was finally able to keep water down by Saturday night by 6:15.
We watched Paranormal Activity.  Sleeping on and off all day long while recovering from the side effect of the antibiotics ensured I didn’t sleep much that night, so it’s nice I had a horror movie as my last images before going to bed and attempting to sleep.

The next day was tubing!  I got up and felt much better but still shaky and weak.  My son didn’t want to go tubing and I was not up to par so I stayed at the tubing lodge with him while everyone else went. But a lot of the kids were only up for one time going down so I had human contact and got to talk to everyone and take pictures – MUCH better than Saturday.

Overall, I was glad we went.  My kids got to try a new sport, and enjoyed it.  My husband got to get back to a sport he loves.  We went with two other families and it was our first group getaway with children involved – and we all had a good time (you know, except for the puking).

I came home convinced it was the alcohol and not the drugs and maybe I’d just had some bad luck.  I took the meds again last before bed (I didn’t brave them the rest of the weekend) and was sick first thing this morning (I haven’t had any alcohol in two days, and don’t think I will be having anymore for a quite a while).  Good thing is now we know it’s the drugs!

Doctor said don’t take anymore and now we play the waiting game. The pict line is the option to go, but it apparently has some risk of complications he’s not thrilled with.  His answer is to “wait and see” if the symptoms come back and then do the pict line. So, here I am, back to waiting…

Great time to get back to writing and forget all this garbage.  Tomorrow Supriya comes over to brainstorm on her book and since I’ll be back to normal by then I plan on getting back on track myself.  Today I did the tedious job of going through 1400 emails I’ve been neglecting to organize and delete.  Good news is I found a request I flagged from an agent for a partial to be sent via snail mail from last month.

I’ll get that out this week and hope for the best. I’ve had another small press ask for my full MS and the agent assistant I’ve been emailing told me my story is going for a second read with the head honcho (yay!). I also got a request from a NY editor for 100 pages based on my second place win in the RWI contest announced on Friday.  So looks like I’ll be waiting on lots of stuff.

In all things in life, isn’t it the waiting that just kills you?

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