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Welcome, News and a White Lie

January 12, 2010

Things took an interesting turn at the doctors yesterday.  He too was unsure if my neuropathy is related to early MS or the Lyme’s.  There are risks of blood clots and other things associated with a pict line so he’s taking an experimental approach.  He said guinea pig, but in light of yesterday’s gerbil death I did not find that reassuring.

I’ll be on a new oral antibiotic for two weeks and if the numbness goes away then it can be concluded it is related to Lyme’s and then I need to get the pict line installed (following the theory that an IV treatment is more aggressive and effective than an oral one).  But if the signs don’t go away then I may be experiencing a stress related relapse of a new mild case of MS.

Come on Lyme’s! 😉  I know in the big picture MS is not that bad.  Lots of people have mild cases and it never progresses past that. It’s not Cancer and it won’t kill me.  It’s just one more autoimmune disease that I can live with, but will make life a bit more challenging at times on a personal level.

The Gerbil saga has some history to it.  Before I address that I’ve had a whole bunch of new readers lately so I’d like to say Welcome!  Pull up a chair and travel along with an inexperienced writer as she attempts to get a publishing contract. Will she succeed?  Will she fail?  Come along and see!  There’s a nifty counter on my site that keeps track of all sorts of fascinating data and since last Friday I went from 19 hits whenever I posted to now well over 60 each day!

Here’s to hoping you enjoy what you read – maybe if you’re a writer or a friend of one you can find something useful to share with them about what worked for me and what hasn’t so far. And if you’re researching me for a contest please stop by my personal website at or the new blog I’m part of with some talented writers at  I’m excited with the new steps I’ve taken in the past few months and it feels like things are really coming together for me.

Now – on to the gerbil.  Old readers of my blog know about the tragic first day of school here at my house.  So many of you reached out on Facebook laughing and crying with me that day I won’t be forgetting it any time soon. In light of that incident and that this is the second gerbil killed in our house my husband and I opted for a white lie.

I told my children when they got home from school that one of the connector tubes on Midnight’s cage came off (true, it was on the floor) and that when I came down in the morning the library doors were open (another truth). I told them the gerbil was missing and possibly loose in the house. This may have been true the night before for a time, but obviously, that is where I lied.

My nine year old daughter then goes to the fridge to get a carrot and proceeds to wander through the house calling Midnight’s name. I stopped her, explaining that unlike the cat and dogs the small gerbils don’t answer when called.  My son looks around the room and his eyes well up as he states “Why is it my gerbils keep getting killed and not my sister’s?”

This is where I could have jumped in and told the unvarnished truth – that I found the stiff little body on my antique rug, that the fur was matted with dried saliva (which the first corpse in September never had) but otherwise unmarked, and the dogs won’t met my eyes and keep lowering their bodies to the floor whenever they see me. But I didn’t.  I had four hours and fifteen minutes of sleep and was not at my best.

I hugged him and explained that the cat was wiley, that he did open the door, but that the door was open wide enough for the dogs to get in too.  I explained that they are predators and they are only following instinct.  I capped my nice little story up with the reiteration that Midnight has been an escape artist for months, that perhaps he was living in the walls but that if he wasn’t this was a clear sign that we could NOT ever get another gerbil.

In the end he was accepting and what more can I ask?  The little cage is on the floor with the door wide open in case Midnight gets hungry and finds his way back. Is this over? We’ll talk some more when he gets home today and see. Sometimes the truth needs to be doled out to the person hearing it at a pace they can accept, not necessarily at what may be  convenient to the person doling it out.

Off to get my new meds, do some girl scout cookie booth organizing for my service unit and put together some care packages for my nephews in Iraq and Afghanistan – I’ve been busy and neglecting my post office duties lately but I will catch up this week I promise!

Wishing all of you with gerbils a better week then the gerbils in our house have had!

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