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Final Five and the morning after

December 12, 2009

Wow. Vampire Vacation made the Final Five announcement yesterday. Some of the Top Ten I had thought would be there weren’t. I’d like to say I’m still in shock, but I think I’m too hungover for that to be accurate. I’m noticing a suspicious trend. Big announcement, celebrating on my part, a tad excessive drinking and eating and then whamo – not feeling the best the next day.

Granted, last week was more because I was out for a girls night out, so I guess I can’t be too hard on myself. But damn, two weekends in a row where the sun hurts my eyes and every thing is freakin loud isn’t fun.
I’ve had readers – some being writers and some being non-writers – who have been reaching out to me and telling me who they think my writing reminds them of. I cannot begin to describe how this makes me feel. I think “accomplished” would be the be the closest.
For people to compare me to someone who’s published, someone they enjoy reading again and again, someone they buy the books and keep is truly astounding. To think that my words transport them to a world of my creation similar to how those other authors can do – well – WOW. I don’t quite know what to say.
I mean hey, of course I like my book, I wrote it. But the movie is playing in my head, so I should like the story, I know it. To think I could capture it well enough in words to convey the vision to someone else means I have succeeded as a writer. To think that other people enjoy it is so huge – like a dream come true – that… damn, I know I’m babbling a bit, so I’ll stop.
Stephen King describes writing as a form of telepathy. He goes on to give an example of how he can describe something with mere words and the readers is transported to that exact place and time. It was a fascinating chapter and I think all would-be writers should give Mr. King’s book On Writing a go.
And now… crashing back to reality.
I’m still me – a wife, a mom, a daughter, a lover and a friend. I have to get dressed and take my son shopping for the party favors for his b-day party tomorrow. I need to mail some stuff. I need to email some girl scout parents. I need to organize my house and decorate for the holidays. Today we’re finally putting up the tree and hanging outdoor lights. I think that means I may have to cook and invite my folks over.
Crap, totally not a good day for a mild hang-over.
But hey – it’s not as bad as last week. Not by a long shot.
I’m so grateful to be on this journey with so many people that wish me well. It’s as if I’m on a pilgrimage to get published in 2010. I may have started alone, and many other writers have as well, but somewhere along the way I’ve connected with other people willing to journey with me. They may be on their own pilgrimage or they may joining me on mine. Either way, I’m not alone in the dark and for that I’m forever thankful.
Wishing you all a great weekend,
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  1. December 14, 2009 5:11 pm

    In case I didn't tell you directly C.J.congrats! I would love to see a whole new line of Married Romance burst out in 2010. Who says romance has to end when the will they/ won't they question is resolved? I write the same thing in my Laundry Hag series and even though those are mysteries, I definately think there's room for straight up romance. 😉

  2. December 16, 2009 3:43 pm

    Thanks so much Jennifer! I would love to see married romance burst out in 2010 as well!

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