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The Power of Positive Thinking

December 10, 2009

Tomorrow is the big announcement. The moment I find out if V V made the Final Five in Dorchester’s contest. Do I think it will make the cut? Yes.

Am I willing to bet the life of my children on it? Well, no, that would be stupid.
I’ve done some follow-up on my fellow contestants. Some seem like serious competition… others seem to be still struggling to get things together. I’m sorry to report that a fellow writer had to drop out of the contest for personal reasons. I don’t know her, we’ve only exchanged a few comments to each other. But she was the first person to post on V V on textnovel and she’s been a class act in everything I’ve read.
She was one of the ones I considered to be a serious contender for beating me so I’l refrain from posting any snarky, unprofessional or celebratory comments that I have one less good book to go up against. She’ll get her story published soon. I have no doubts what-so-ever, she’s one of the few writers I’m up against who is already published.
Today is a day that I’m going to try and relax and enjoy my kids and not focus on the contest. Pete and I have been pushing ourselves so much with work and obligations with extended-family that we haven’t been enjoying our time with our own children as much as we should. Smart-mouth rejoinders, greedy-gimmies for birthdays and upcoming holidays, attitudes that sounds like it came from a teenager, corrections from a know-it-all seven year old – ugh, we need a break.
We’ve pulled the kids out of school today and are taking them to Ford’s Theater to see A Christmas Carol. It will be their very first play. I’m excited to take them and I hope the extra time with us, plus some more reading time in the evenings and bringing back family game night, is what we all need to re-connect.
I’ve pushed myself so much in ten months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it immensely, but the OCPD tendencies have been rearing their ugly head and I need to back off and take a break. Maybe my MS will go out on Friday. Maybe it will be Monday. I need to stop focusing on all my various self-imposed deadlines and chill for a little bit.
Pete and I have planned a weekend alone on Dec 18th. He’ll have finished his last paper for his latest MBA class. I’ll hopefully have everything ready for the holidays and my book will be out the door and the waiting game will begin. I told him I hoped we stayed in the hotel room the whole time, ordering room service and cranking up the thermostat in the room due to lack of clothing.
I’m sure we’ll get out and go see things in DC, but I’m hoping it’s crappy weather all weekend and we’ll stay in.
I’ll keep you all posted on the contest and the Final Five – but seriously, how can the Fan Favorite not make it to the next round? Think positive!
And if it doesn’t make it you can join me in drinking heavily this weekend 😉
“Plan for the best, prepare for the worst”
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  1. December 10, 2009 9:32 pm

    Well Hello Ms. CJ!!! My prayers will be with your for the whole duration of your process… Even for your weekend with hubby on the 18th!! Love the thermostat note!! LMBO!!!I saw you over at my place and followed the trail!!! It is a pleasure to meet you **virtual handshake**This post is absolutely wonderful… the title and all… Think positive!! That is the only way to be!!!!Hope you have a great night!

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