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Fan Favorite and the day after with a hangover

December 5, 2009

Votes are in and Vampire Vacation won Fan Favorite on the Dorchester forums!! Whoot!! Hurray!! I feel like things are coming together quickly with the book and I’m incredibly excited. I don’t know if the editors will choose to go with a story like mine in the end but I do think that some real progress has been made and that perhaps, just maybe, that things will line up with a deal in the next few months.

This has been a wild roller-coaster ride and I’m thrilled beyond belief that I’ve been able to share it with all the new connections I’ve made on facebook as well as my friends I’ve known for years. They’ve inspired me, pushed me, cheered with me, and helped me brush off the rejections. To have someone who believes in your work as much as you do is phenomenal to say the least. I’ve known some of the supporters online since April and some newer ones as recently as this Fall that have floored me with their faith and belief that this book will sell and sell big.
Here’s to hoping they’re right! Cheers! (I’m still too hungover to do an actual cheers, so please, do one for me).
When I look back to December ’08 the past year seems to be almost surreal. This month last year I had a fluoroscopy, an endoscopy with a ballooning procedure to open my throat and a video capsule procedure. To think about how far I’ve come in such a short time is truly mind-boggling.
So last night some celebrating was in order. I think this is the start of greater things to come and I’m happy I had last night with good friends and good food.

Nothing reminds you of your age quite like partying with a group till the bar closes. I had an awesome time and I’m a little afraid to see the incriminating pictures taken by a buddy. I didn’t do anything to really fear, I think, but good God do I feel every year of my life today!

We ate out for Sushi first and then went to a nearby bar that had a live band. Wine, shots and mixed drinks, oh my! We got home after two a.m. and now that I think about it I’m really lucky I didn’t get sick. The dancing was great, the conversation lively, the food was amazing and there were some great one liners.
My GF Tracey shared a story on our way out for the evening about her husband teasing her about us being cougars. His advice to get some duct tape and tape her breasts together for more cleavage had us all laughing hysterically in the car. When we arrived at the restaurant she gets a good look at me (I was in the back of the car on the way there) and delivers with a straight face “So, did you use duct tape?” — referring, of course, to my deep cleavage revealed by the low-cut shirt I was wearing.
I then became the brunt of jokes for most of the night, but if I said anything I got the “if you’ve got it baby, flaunt it.” So I let it go.
The night was terrific and I’m grateful I’ve got some really good friends. The ones that knew about the book voted on it and have supported me from day one. Supriya was in shock that two newer friends didn’t even know I wrote a book. She proceeded to question them on how long they’ve known me – convinced I must have just met them that night (we had an open invite for all of us to invite more friends to join us).
Supriya couldn’t believe that I knew someone I did not shameless promote myself and my book to the first chance I got! Seriously! She doesn’t know I’ve spent years and years in sales and as a professional in the business world – oh yeah, I’ve told her, but she hasn’t really seen me in action so I don’t think it’s sunk in.
There’s a time and a place for everything and I do have some class. But it sure was fun watching Supriya question Debbie – she really did think I told everyone I have ever met about the book. Some people yes, but the best sale is a soft sale – not a pushy one in your face. And a soft sale is one I’ve mastered.
Now I’m tried, cranky, kind of grumpy and hanging out doing nothing more than watching TV and lazing around. We got the season’s first snow today. A inch was predicted but I swear we’ve got at least four! I’m glad the weather has kept us in. The roads haven’t been plowed yet and with nothing pressing that needs to be done it’s a nice break from last weekend’s drive home from Jersey.
I sent my full MS out to Dorchester on Friday. Next week I plan to send the hard copy out to the other publishers that requested it. The announcement for the Final Five will be on December 11th and I have so much hope riding that V V will make the next round that it scares me. I don’t want to be let down and have it not make it, but I’m prepared for it.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
That’s me.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone. Thanks again for the votes and the comments when it was needed the most. I’m grateful more than I can adequately express with words.
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