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Hump Day

December 2, 2009

Lots and lots of thoughts whirling in the noggin today. I won’t find out till Dec 4th for certain, but I’m pretty sure V V won fan favorite for the Dorchester contest. Exciting!!! But I’m not going to celebrate till I know for sure.

The good news is I’ve got a bunch of friends going out that night for a girls night out and a delayed birthday gathering for me. We’re going for sushi and a live cover band with dancing and shots afterwards. Should be a blast!
I’ve started to seriously crack down and look for an agent – two rejections so far and one that asked for the full MS. Not bad for two days work. Here’s to hoping the agent can read fast and doesn’t mind that I’m submitting to publishers this Friday before being officially represented by anyone.
I figured it could take months to find someone interested in representing me and I shouldn’t wait around because it could never happen. Secondary option is if I can’t get someone to represent me before a publisher shows interest I’ll hire an intellectual property lawyer. They can help me make a wise decision in contract negotiations.
See? I always have a plan. Plan C is the scary and expensive one that will require a ton more work on my part. Here’s to hoping I never have to go to Plan C.
Let’s see… what else is new… Did my second creative writing class in my daughter’s third grade class. That was interesting… Tired to teach the basics of an outline and got the ball rolling on their rough drafts (first class we discussed fiction/non-fiction, POV, dialogue, descriptions, parts of a story and other stuff). We had a writing prompt to work with and I wanted them to understand the intro, middle and end in an outline to put together two to three paragraphs.
Next week we exchange rough drafts, read them out loud and then try to help each other improve them. Then a final draft. The teacher suggested we’d make a little booklet of all the stories at the end of the school year for the class. She thinks it could be a great keepsake. I hope so. I know I would love to have it for my daughter when she gets older.
I know I’m procrastinating when I should be sending out more queries – and start harassing publishers and stuff. I’m just tired. I don’t know if it’s the way I’ve been pushing myself, , the stress of the contest, the medications or the Lyme’s. I was supposed to go back to the doctor today, but rescheduled for the 14th. I need a break from all the white coats and the tests for a bit.
I’ve only heard back from one of my final beta readers so far (THANK YOU LINDA!!). Which means the others are really busy or they’ve decided to do a line by line edit of my polished MS and it’s taking them longer than they thought. That would really suck because I have no intentions of doing a week long overhaul on the book right now and they will be getting the suggestions back to me too late for my submissions on Friday.
Come hell or high water, the book is going out Friday. I’m bummed that some places want a hardcopy. The waste of paper and the shipping expenses alone makes me glad most places take electronic submissions.
Anyone ever watch the show Flip this House? or Flip that House? Can’t remember which one it is. The show is an hour long and follows companies flipping homes in CT, TX, GA, and CA. There’s this one guy, Montelongo, that has this little quote they run in the opening credits for the TX edition.
“This house isn’t for the faint of heart and this business isn’t for the faint of heart.”
It was an episode with a real sh** hole of a house and he was the only one willing to stand inside it without a mask on when they first arrived to scope it out. It was awful.
I kind of feel like that this week in my journey to get published. I know writing is hard. I know writing is solitary. I know in the end my success will be solely hinged on me.
I’m up to it. I plan on riding this bronco till the end.
I think I just need a few days away from the computer, the doctors, the ‘maybe’ diagnoses, the kids and the stress. Take my husband and steal his clothes all weekend and force him to relax with me as well.
Should we drive somewhere warm in the camper? Should we hole up in a resort with room service? Let me think on it while I plan what to do with my kids and dogs and I’ll fill you in later.
Tomorrow will look brighter. I know it.
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  1. December 3, 2009 12:29 pm

    Hey CJ — good luck with agenting/publishing, and don't be afraid to take a day off. The right thing will happen. Did you get the list of agents I sent you a few months ago? Let me know if you need it again. And fingers crossed for you in Dorchester!

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