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Dawn on the Last Day of Fan Favorite Voting

November 30, 2009

I don’t know what to say. But since that’s never stopped me before, I’ll continue on with my ramblings. Today is the last day for fan voting in the Dorchester contest. I’m checking the forums frantically hoping that no other writer rallies and comes from behind to push V V out of the top spot.

Top spot!
I attended Nationals this year in DC but did not attend the Dorchester spotlight. Spotlights are workshops where editors talk about what they are looking for in the coming year, announce changes, new lines, discontinuation of lines… you get the idea. I attended another spotlight instead. Literally there were 4-8 workshops going on at the same time in every time slot, so it was hard to decide what to pick.
I picked mostly spotlights and workshops on craft. I had the marketing and business end of things down pat, but since I’d only been writing for five months when I attended, I figured I’d learn more from the craft ones. I was right, I did. BUT – I missed the announcement of Dorchester’s contest on textnovel and that was when the other writers really got in the game.
To think that V V came from behind and made it into the top twenty – then the top ten – and now sits on the cusp of possibly winning Fan Favorite is truly amazing. I never thought it would make it this far. Hell, I hoped, but I never actually let myself believe.
It’s finally sinking in. As my new friends have pointed out to me, V V never would have made it this far if Dorchester wasn’t open to the non-traditional romance angle. They were the ones that picked the top ten after all. They’re looking for a fresh new voice in romance and V V certainly has that – and more – maybe too much more, I’m not sure.
The book crosses so many genres – romance, suspense, mystery, fantasy – that I’m hoping it’s not too ‘out there’ for them to take a risk. The organizers to the contest at Dorchester wrote somewhere – and forgive me for not knowing where, I’ll blame it on lack of coffee – that this contest would prepare writers for what it was like to deal with working in the real publishing world.
I’m not so sure I agree. Working on a deadline, I can handle that. Being polite and professional to every person I come in contact with associated with the process – well, duh, that’s a given. Market myself shamelessly and badger everyone I know? Well, that’s really not much of a stretch for me honestly.
But the public part – wow. Much harder than I bargained for. Not saying I can’t handle it. I can and I will. I’m just saying it’s harder than I thought. The downer of losing in front of all these people I’ve come to care about in addition to all the people I’ve known for years. The chance you take in recruiting everyone to help you only to find your book was not what the publisher was looking for and you’re shot down in front of them all.
My goal this week is to re-double my query efforts to agents. Get the small mistakes that my mostly non-romance, non- fantasy final beta readers catch corrected and send the full MS out to the three other publishers that requested it. Ask a bunch of blog-reviewers to read/rate my work and blog on it if they like it. Be more active on other writer’s blogs, participate more in the newsgroups. I had thought I’d write The Hunt more this coming month, but I can write more over the Christmas break.
I’ve decided to let this entire experience motivate me to do more this month.
Yes, yes – “Do more – are you frakin‘ crazy?”
Yes. Do more.
I want a back up plan (what, you thought Vivian was completely made up?) in case Dorchester does pass on V V. I will not let another rejection set me back in getting this book published. It’s worthy and I’ve just got to beat the bushes and find the right publisher for it. I won’t give up.
Hey – it’s not called Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder for nuttin
I’m in it to win, baby.
Thank you for all the votes, all the posts, all the emails and inspirational comments – you all humble me with your belief in me. I won’t let you down. It may take a while, but I won’t let you down.
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