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Dorchester Contest and NaNo – The Drama Continues

November 6, 2009

A very enterprising writer put a Twitter list together of all the semi-finalists in the textnovel Dorchester Next best Cellar Contest. I only discovered this tidbit when I went on to try out the new list function and found out I was on three lists. Pretty cool, made me feel like a “somebody” in the writing biz for the first time.

I subscribed to the list, naturally, and found out some info on the contest. Looks like the voting isn’t done yet. Pooh. I really don’t think I can pester anymore people I know to vote. Oh – and the Dorchester editors are looking for readers to tell them which stories are their favorites. If you have a moment and a kind word to spare on Vampire Vacation, then please stop by:

Voting opens again on November 16th for the finalists and I’m not sure if it will run all the way till the contest announces the winners on Jan 31, 2010 or if it will stop at some earlier time. Here’s my plan – I think I’m going to go back into the game Second Life which I haven’t had much time for lately with editing, various doctor visits, and frankly juggling the issues from my first life.

If I can re-connect with people on there and then politely ask for votes when/if I make it into the top ten I may have a shot. The people on there are super nice and incredibly supportive. The life stories I’ve heard and the reasons for being in the game for as many hours a day as they are is varied and interesting. I can see why the game is referred to as a hobby by the participants rather than that they are “playing” a game.
Think of it as a virtual social networking site and you’ll understand more clearly what it is. It’s like a big chat room and you can wear any costume you want, slip on a new persona with a new name and have at it. The “rooms” you visit are a colorful menagerie of settings, breathtaking graphics and out of this world locations.

Don’t get me wrong – the game has freaks and sex rooms and scary people “playing” a little too intently. For newcomers, I suggest a guide. People have written books about navigating it as well – and sold them – I kid you not. I’d offer to be a guide for you, but I’m still too green. Think I may go buy that book.


Wow. I can’t believe I’m still in it. I made yesterday my “day off” because I had too many doctor visits going on to keep my head on straight. On that front the Infectious Disease Specialist wants me on antibiotics for at least another month to kick the Lyme’s and he put the ball back into the Neurologists court on my freaky spinal tap results. He said he doesn’t order that test much and would ask a neurologist to interpret the results if he did… hmmm… okay.

Back to writing, sorry I digressed. I’m excited to be killing off a new member of the seethe today in my book. I should easily surpass the 10,000 word mark and since we changed our vacation plans to April (lots of reasons) I should be able to write a lot more next week than I had planned. And get to go to my first Write-In!!

A Write-In is when writers from the area participating in NaNo get together in a public spot and write for a few hours. I missed this week due to the doctor visits but look forward to next week. Even if I’m the only writer that shows. My main writing buddy, Supriya, has the H1N1 flu so I doubt she’ll be there (here’s to hoping she didn’t give it to me at our last planning session).

Anyone else in NaNo near the Borders on Rt 7 in Sterling, Virginia is welcome to stop by on Tuesdays and Thursday from 9:30 to 2pm for the rest of the month (stopping on the 24th). People may or may not be there the whole time, but you probably owe words, so sit you butt down and write.

And with that parting comment, I’ll go re-fill my coffee, get out of my jammies and start to write.

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  1. November 14, 2009 10:55 am

    Just dropping by to say hello to fellow Guppies who are playing NaNo. Hope all is going well and you are having fun killing off the seethe (you'll have to explain this one to me, Lucy) and whatnot.Have a good weekend!

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