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4th Day of NaNoWriMo

November 4, 2009

Things are going better than I expected. I guess since I’ve been getting the one-two punch with doctor’s appointments, odd test results, and insulting apologies from chapter presidents, I was prepared for much worse.

First off – I’d like to thank every family member, friend (especially my Facebook ones), writer and new follower I may have pestered in the last few weeks. I’m shocked to report that V V made it into the semi-finals of the Dorchester Publishing contest on November 1st.
Why is this particularly sweet? Well, competing against 302 other writers, most of which started on June 1st when the contest opened and getting as far as I did in SIX WEEKS was an amazing feeling to say the least. There were some really dark moments when I was on the cusp of the 20th spot for days – one up or one down and I couldn’t sleep at night.
Or – it could be because only a week earlier I received an extremely insulting contest score and figured I pretty much had no chance in hell of going on to the next round in this contest – after all, if a judge in my genre, from my own chapter, hated it so much what were the chances? Read my previous post and I’ll spare you anymore details. Let’s just say it was a bad few days and I grateful my friends were around to smack some reality back into me.
Do I think V V will get to the finals and win? No, I don’t. One thing that I have learned by entering the various contests that I have – is this: the published authors who judge it agree that my book isn’t a Romance. And therefor, I’m entering the wrong contests.
The textnovel contest was a validation for me. My supporters got me there by their sheer dogged determination alone. I’m truly grateful the book has gone this far and I’m shocked on how many published authors I’m in the semi-finals with. I thought the entrants were all like me – I never thought someone with two to five books under their belt would be in it too.
In a way, it was kind of a popularity contest – you had to get people to vote for you, like a school election. I’ve never been popular my whole life. I speak my mind, I stand up for the under-dog, I don’t tolerate bullies and sometimes I come across as brash – okay and maybe obnoxious, but I’m working on that. Middle school and high school were hell for me and I was teased and picked on often.
I retreated into books at a young age – and read a lot of things that were not appropriate for my age. By college I picked up role playing games as well as serial dating. Once out of high school, men became a challenge I intended to figure out. Let’s just say I’ve had a mixed background of experiences and leave it at that. My life and my choices have given me strength in myself.
I know my book is good. I know it will sell. Convincing an agent and a publisher of this without coming across as arrogant and stupid is really the key. So far I haven’t succeeded, but I haven’t been at it that long yet so I’m hopeful.
Okay – back to NaNo. I’m writing the second book and having a damn good time of it. I keep interviewing my husband on what a guy would say and how a guy thinks. This book switches POV’s every chapter to a different member of the seethe – unfortunately for me there are five guys!
Each voice must be unique and the time line consistent. It’s a challenge, but it’s fun. Oh – and how many of you knew woman fell into the categories of: Too old, Too young, I’d do her or No, I wouldn’t do her?
I was really, really glad to hear about the “too young” one! Apparently some of the simpering actresses that are drop dead gorgeous fall into this category for my husband. Ah, it’s the simple things in life that make me love him.
Later comes the categories of: Too bitchy, High maintenance, or Low maintenance.
Apparently, I fell into “I’d do her” and “Low maintenance” categories, which was key in why he wanted to date me. Life is sweet.
Poor man still thinks he had a choice! I basically hunted him down like a rare beast – he never had a chance. I dated enough jerks in my life to spot a live one when I found it.
I’m having a really good time writing this so far. NaNo is a challenge, but it was the kick in the pants I needed to stop obsessing over V V. I’m sure by next week when we’re in Disney and I’m way behind on word count and ready to cry the “good time” feelings will change.
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