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Bed Rest Sucks

October 5, 2009

I’m propped up in bed right now – just a bit so my food can digest a little. It’s hard to do everything lying on your back 😉

I’m not going to go on about how crappy recovering from a spinal tap feels – I’ll try for short and sweet. If you’ve ever had a migraine you’ll know what I’m talking about. You feel fine lying down but once you move around and get up you get a full blown migraine complete with nausea in less than five minutes.
I can’t concentrate long enough to read – which leaves TV. I’m starting to seriously hate TV. How can people choose to sit on their asses all day and watch this crap?
After two colonoscopies, a fluoroscopy, an endoscopy complete with a dilation, a video capsule test, an MRI, a dye injected MRI imagery test for my organs, countless needles, blood tests and several panels of allergy tests (I’m sure I forgot some others, but who cares) I can honestly say this test was the worst. With the others you are okay the next day. This is the test that keeps on giving!
My daughter is home sick with a virus today and Pete’s patience started to run out yesterday. He thinks he can multi-task and handle it all but I think he’s pushing himself trying to do his job as well as mine. I bet he’s going to push himself till he gets sick and that’s right when I’ll be better, so it will balance out.
I go in to the hospital today for a same day procedure to seal the leak with a blood patch. Like one of those fix-it patches on a leaky tire, except its for spinal fluid and not air.
My friends have been great – I’m an incredibly lucky woman. They’ve brought me soup and meatballs, lent me books and answered questions, taken my kids on play dates and brought them to parties, written to me on email and posted on Facebook. They’ve called to commiserate and laughed along with me when I make jokes to lighten the situation.
Things will get better. I know it. It just seems crappy right now, but I know it won’t last. It’ll take more than this to keep me down for long.
Okay, my head hurts again – back to lying down flat.
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  1. October 28, 2009 7:05 pm

    Hey, C.J. I sent you the link to The Guppies on NaNo. It's in your NaNo mail.I guess by now you've had the blood patch. I had one a long time ago, after my daughter was born. Something about the pain killer they shot into my spine. Anyway, headache, passing out, anaphylactic shock (hated that!). Blood patch made my legs feel like overstuffed sausages, and you're not supposed to move for an hour afterwards. They went away and left me alone, so I fell asleep on the table. I survived, and you will too. It's just all so icky.Okay, see you for NaNo? I'm about super over-whelmed with everything, so what do I do? Yeah, NaNo, the bastard offspring of two frat boys' fevered minds. Okay, Okay, I can taken 'em.

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