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A Day of Nothing – my free pass to be lazy today

October 1, 2009

Today is a day of nothing for me. It started out really great. My husband let me sleep in for the first time in I don’t know when. I should clarify – we both hate getting up at 6:40 for the early day with the kids and well… misery does love company.

We both get up because it’s a big job when your half asleep and we both noticed the other person gets kind of nasty to toward the one that got to sleep in when they finally do get up. Human nature I guess. We let that unspoken rule slide if one of us is sick, has a migraine or got home late from a flight the night before, but normally we both get up.
Pete graciously let me sleep in when I asked – which is huge for the passive-aggressive catholic-raised man — he excels at the hidden guilt comments.
It felt great and now starts my day of nothing. I’m in my robe still, it’s past 10am, and I should probably get dressed soon. It would suck if the doorbell rang and I was still in my robe with unbrushed teeth.
I’m waiting for the hospital to call to set up my appointment for a spinal tap procedure (called a lumbar puncture, nice name, eh?) tomorrow. Yes, another test. It seems like the past year or so I’ve certainly had my fill of those.
Rather than focus on this new diagnosis of Lyme’s disease, or the implications of if it has traveled to my brain already, I think I’ll put all that on the back burner for now. And why do they throw out terms like chronic Lyme’s sufferer when you haven’t even taken the medication yet? Is it to scare you or prepare you? I know there is some concern with my auto-immune diseases that I may not get through this as easily as most, but I think they should withhold some of that info until they know for sure.
Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s for insurance purposes, but the mind is a powerful thing and if you don’t know the negative you can’t imagine it either. Then again, with the ready information on the Internet it’s not like I couldn’t find out on my own.
I think I’ll focus on reading the book I started in the tub last night, getting some laundry done and periodically checking my body for signs of severe side effects to doxycycline.
There are errands to run, grocery shopping that needs to be done, my son’s new cub scout uniform that needs to be purchased and a score of other things I’m sure.
I’m having a hard time dealing with all this right now. So I think I’ll do what I do best – re-direct and ignore it all.
At least it explains why I had such a hard time concentrating on the edits for my book and maybe it excuses why I couldn’t grasp the simplicity of the webdesign software of Joomla. The sample page messed me up, but the rest seemed okay, I think.
I purchased RapidWeaver yesterday – a Mac-friendly program. For $80 it’s worth it to have something easier to use than free and difficult. The install of Joomla alone took way, way longer than I care to contemplate right now – FTP root my ass! I’m a writer Jim, not computer guru!
If I ever threaten to kill Pete in his sleep again for whatever he’s done that day to piss me off, remind me to read back on this post. He gave me a free pass for the day and said don’t worry about anything. He’ll shop for the groceries, our son is going to miss his first scout meeting due to a flag football game so we can get the uniform online and that if I wanted to stay in my robe and p.j.’s all day I could. He knows I’m nervous about the spinal tap tomorrow (which he’s driving and picking me up for) and he’s a gem about it all.
I couldn’t have been luckier than to get a husband like him. He’s a great guy even if he does drive me to the brink of madness at times. Think how boring my life would be without him to joyously tweak my nose and push me to my limits.
Something to think on: How many of you were aware there was a vaccine for Lyme’s available since 1998? Apparently low consumer demand prompted the manufacturer to pull it from the market in 2002. And now the country has an almost epidemic of Lyme’s on their hands. I bet a lot of those people who got Lyme’s would get the rest of their families vaccinated now if they could. I know I would.
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