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Vitamin D Supplements are KICK ASS!

September 28, 2009

I urge everyone out there to go get your vitamin d levels checked if you’ve been feeling tired, run down, depressed or any of the other symptoms mentioned on for a vitamin d deficiency.

In ONE day I felt better from the once-weekly 50,000-unit prescription vitamin D pill. Is that the power of the mind working and possibly psycho-symatic? I have no clue and frankly, I don’t give a rats ass if it is!
I took my pill Friday night, not expecting anything or weeks. Saturday we had a HUGE neighborhood party planned with over 160 people coming. Rain was in the forecast and the five main planners of the party were stressing out. We cancelled it and decided to go with the scheduled rain date on Sunday. Good thing too, cause from 2 p.m. on it rained and rained.
Instead, I spent all day Saturday cleaning the garage, shopping for costumes, finishing last minute organizing for the party – that kind of thing. I felt great, but honestly wasn’t sure if it was the excitement for the party the next day or what.
The one dull spot on the day was when I discovered my absolute favorite comfort food from childhood contains “modified food starch” a place were some food manufacturers hide flour containing gluten. So, I shed a few tears that I can never eat Bean with Bacon soup from Campbell’s again. I have vowed to somehow duplicate the recipe with my master soup making abilities and when I do find a comparable formula I will post it on here.
Pete and I stayed up late on Saturday, and yes, partied a little more than we should – hey, I was feeling the best I had in weeks and I had it coming. Sunday dawns bleary-eyed and overcast and we start to get ready for the party. Lots of water, two coffees and some advil after breakfast and I’m good to go.
We had a kick-butt time at the party and I swear, the day just seemed to fly by. Pete got stumbling, slurring drunk on the German beer, but thankfully didn’t pee in any neighbors yards this time on the walk back home (at least I’m guessing he didn’t, he was walking with the kids while I was loading the back of the car up with party stuff, and kids would share that kind of funny knowledge the second mom walks in, so I think he was good).
He’s been stressed about work and stuff, so I’m not going to bug the guy about it (tease, yes). We all need to cut loose once in a while and as long as he doesn’t insult anyone I’m cool with it.
What I wasn’t counting on was a complete return to my normal non-sleep habits after such a full day. We started set up for the party at 12. Party started at 2 and ended around 7. Clean up was done by 8 and I had the house to myself after 8:30 (apparently, drunks and children go to bed early).
I watched TV. Read a little bit. Logged onto FB for a while. Wrote a thank you note to my fellow party planners on a job well done and trailed up to bed around 11.
Then it began.
I haven’t had a hard time falling asleep in months! I assumed I was past it. You know the type when you can’t clear your head and you lie there thinking? I couldn’t turn my mind off. But why? I kept counting over my coffee cups from the morning, wondering if I had any hidden caffeine all day long (seriously, they don’t put that in gluten-free beer, so I know I’m safe)…debating on if I was pumped from the party or what.
Did I want to seduce my passed-out husband in a bid to get some sleep? Nah, sloppy doesn’t cut it when your pushing 40, you know? So, I let him sleep. And damn if he wasn’t peaceful!
It took forever for me to fall asleep. 90 minutes stretches into infinity when you listen to your mate blissfully sleeping next to you. Morning comes way too soon at 6:40 to get the kids ready for school.
I’m up. I’ve got a jump on my day and I’m wondering if tonight will be like old times again while I stare at the wall and listen to the clock tick while trying to soothe my meandering thoughts. To put the kaibash on that I’m going to yoga in a bit and try to get out walking later, perhaps physical exhaustion will force my mind to quiet.
I’m hopeful these supplements will stop all the signs of nerve damage I’m showing, but damn, I’m going to miss falling asleep easy for the first time in years. Who knew it was because I was vitamin D deficient? Or, as my husband keeps telling me, maybe I was hyped up from the party. Time will tell.
Wishing you all a great start to your week. I’m feeling so good I think I’ll work my ass off on V V this week. I’ve put things off long enough. After all, agents and editors can only reject it once and I’ve sold way too much to know that you don’t always close on the first deal quick.
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