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Review of NCIS – Los Angeles

September 25, 2009

Yes, I’m avoiding work again. Try not to judge me to harshly, after all, my book is done, I’m just working on revisions and self editing.

Last night Pete and I looked forward to watching the new NCIS. I admit, I don’t remember much about the episode that originally aired with this group – except for the fact that it had the hunky LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell in it. Which, honestly, is enough to make me tune in.
What followed was a disappointment to say the least. It’s so far from the original show they shouldn’t even call it NCIS. The unprofessional setting made me think it was fake. The lack of professionalism and cohesiveness was jarring. I loved LL and Chris, and the short actress who’s cartoon character was the seamstress in The Incredibles. The tall, smart behavioral guy was good, and the geeky-fact knowing team member too – but the rest can be lost.
Chris’s character is kind of ‘broken’ to say the least. Details about him that his supposed team members should already know are drifting in slowly to make us feel sorry for him (he was raised in the foster care system and doesn’t know his own first name). He’s so damaged – and so obviously over 18 – that it rings false. How can a man have made it to his mid-thirties and still be such a lost soul? Get over it already and grow up.
LL’s character is strong, smart, funny and sexy – I think he’ll be what carries this show if it makes it past five episodes. I feel bad for him because he’s honestly better than the rest and I think they are going to bring him down.
The short feisty woman (from the Incredibles) plays an almost “Q” like character with her gadgets, superior knowledge and spunky attitude. I like her, but the whole set up is crappy. Her office space is done with a ton of antiques and world-traveler type of feel, and it’s wrong. Right for her character, wrong in it’s setting in the building and in her GOVERNMENT position.
The building the “team” occupies is done in a gorgeous Spanish style, it looks like an old mansion – there’s no way in hell it was ever a public water works building that has been listed as condemned. Please, stop insulting our intelligence. And it DOES NOT work as a believable government building. Special undercover agency that works outside the law? Yes. Put it in a crappy old warehouse and it would be more spot on.
The show had no power behind it. I’m not sure if it was the whole “L.A.” feel, but it sucked. My husband wanted to turn it off in fifteen minutes. There was no ‘investigation’ it was more like a man hunt with a bunch of rogue cops. No forensics, no lab, no collecting evidence, no pictures, no team jackets, no doctor – but lots of James Bond moments. I think if they hadn’t billed this as an NCIS show it would have done better. And the link with the director in DC was weak – does the Navy have no other important locations outside of DC? Who was in charge in LA? Who was the lead on the team? The broken Chris with no sense of self and his team doesn’t really know him?
The portrayal of the special-ops guy who goes in with his team unprepared to save his friend’s niece, with no vests, and has to be saved by LL and Chris was insulting. They should have made him a street thug if they were going to make him so damn dumb. Pete was throwing his hands up at that point and saying “I hate it. The show won’t last unless they make some serious changes.”
He’s right. Will the directors and producers listen to the public like the ones did with CSI NY? I have no idea. But I don’t intend to waste anymore of my time watching it to find out. What a disappointment! And with such promising stars! Shame on you Hollywood – this show sucks and you’re jackasses for insulting our intelligence.
Overall rating is a D+ What saves it from an F is LL. He’s just so damn hot and if I get to watch him run again I may watch another episode – oh, and if they make Chris go shirtless again in the first few minutes of the show he should be in better shape, or better yet make it LL and no one will care if the show is crappy.
That was kind of harsh, eh? Oh well. I call ’em like I see ’em. Share your thoughts, please. Did anyone else watch the show?
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  1. Nicole_Hadaway permalink
    September 25, 2009 3:31 pm

    I'm avoiding doing work today too, but I think I'll blame it on the cold I seem to be catching!

    I watched the crossover episode at the end of last season, mostly because I like NCIS and — the same as you — LL and Chris O'Donnell just draw me in. Chris's character from last season does have some skeletons in his closet, and sometimes, if you have too much of a damaged character, it's not good.

    Thanks for the review, CJ, and take a break. Writing a novel is enough — the editing will get done, it just takes a little time. Enjoy your weekend!

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