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Working out kinda sucks, and not in a good way.

September 23, 2009

I really don’t care to work out. I personally believe I should only sweat when I’m naked with my husband. Other than that, it’s downright uncomfortable. Sweat dripping down my back, shirt sticking to me, athletic bra holding moisture next to my body creating a feeding ground for some circle pattern on my skin. Ugh…

BUT – there is no doubt in my mind it’s necessary. As I get older, and more and more things go wrong with me health wise, the one thing that smacks me in the face repeatedly is my mostly sedentary lifestyle. So to be healthy, that has got to change.
I did 90 minutes of yoga on Monday, with a short walk in the afternoon. Yesterday I walked with my sex-scene proof reader, Tracey, for an hour and discovered I’m apparently a rather slow walker. Man, that woman can move! She has taken up running and is building up slowly. This translates into her gorgeous long legs eating up the distance on the pavement much faster than my shorter ones can follow.
That’s not to say I can’t walk that fast – but I did find out that trying to carry a conversation at that speed left me gasping! And seriously? If I can’t talk for an hour, what the hell is the point of going with a friend? I could be quiet by myself, you know?
I really want pretty toned legs like hers, so I will trudge on. Will I start running? Umm… let’s just say that mother nature didn’t build me for running. It’s rather painful for busty women. No matter how expensive the jog bra is.
Today I have yoga again with Olga. Was anyone more aptly named to teach yoga? It just flows off the tongue – Yoga with Olga. Of course, she calls her practice Aligning with Grace, which is a great name, but I would have gone for the flash. But hey, that’s me 😉
On the health front I did get some news. I have a vitamin D deficiency. Apparently that is becoming more common these days with the increase in sunscreen use. My lack came from Celiac’s and not absorbing nutrients well (as my freckles can attest, I do get sun!).
I also had some confusing reading from a glucose test, hopefully I’ll learn more on Friday. The internet is good for some things, but my research was rather confusing last night.
I had a two hour test and my one hour measurement was high – 182, but my two hour was okay at 85 (fasting was 95). The info I read makes it sound like the two hour one is the most important, so I’ll wait to see what the doctor says. Interesting enough, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to diabetes, so wouldn’t it be nice if that was all related?
I had my last appointment with my GI doc yesterday. He’s an amazing man and I think I’m going to write him a thank you note. My first GI doc blew me off – after giving me a bad prescription, one that would stop the GI issues but was originally designed to lower my cholesterol (which is already low enough at 142, any lower can cause health problems), a drive-by colonoscopy followed by a “you’re fine, learn to live with it” approach. I feel like writing that guy a nasty letter, jerk.
Dr.Crenshaw, on the other hand, listened and never gave up. If he hadn’t suggested the allergist and the subsequent elimination diet I never would have discovered I had Celiacs.
Every test they could do said I didn’t have it. But facts are facts and once I stopped gluten everything magically cleared up. Everyone asks me if it’s hard and don’t I miss pizza, bread and everything else. My answer is simple: You’d be amazed what you’re willing to forgo to feel better for the first time in YEARS.
Followed by “can you cheat now and then?” No, I will not willing slip. It’s not worth it. And the hives are really unattractive (when you’ve been clean for a long time your body can have a ‘normal’ reaction like hives to let you know you’ve eaten something with gluten). That’s like asking if you’d knowingly eat contaminated food because it was your favorite and you had to have it. Would that justify days of being sick?
The only down spot in yesterday’s test results was the doctor telling me that more than likely the vitamin deficiency combined with the high one hour reading for the glucose test may not be the culprit for my tingling, nor would it be Lyme Disease (as one friend suggested I get tested for).
Apparently, nerve damage with diabetes and Lyme’s is a later effect. Meaning you’d have to be diabetic for years for this to manifest and have Lyme’s for years (and it’s highly rare to have no Lyme’s disease symptoms and then get the final stage ones after years of having it). BUT – it would explain the tired and achiness I’ve ignored for so long- I mean, come on, wouldn’t you have thought it was tied to everything ELSE?
So, the end decision was made to keep my MRI appt (a two hour double test, can you say yippie?) for tomorrow and the neurologist appt for next week. I’m going to request the Lyme disease test from my primary care doctor on Friday when we meet to discuss my other test results (why can’t they just call you? I wait this waiting crap!).
Oh – and today I’ll go out and buy some vitamin D supplements. Is it any wonder I haven’t finished editing my book yet? I officially don’t like editing now. Okay, I never did. How does Supriya make it look so damn easy? Must be that damn journalism degree and years of doing it professionally. Witch.
Some days I just want to stay in bed and enjoy the peace of sleep a little bit longer. My husband won’t let me and joyously drags my ass out of bed with his at 6:45 to help get the kids off to school. I ask you – why do softball games have to start at 9 on a Saturday and require us to get there by 8:30? For the love of god, does no one like to sleep in on a weekend? Even to 8 am would be nice!
Okay – enough escaping with journaling – time to buck up and get some work done.
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  1. Nicole_Hadaway permalink
    September 23, 2009 2:13 pm

    I hear ya on the running thing. It seems that after I had kiddo, my body just got denser and wider, despite all the exercise and watching what I eat post pg. Now when I run, I just feel so… heavy. Ugh.

    Editing is daunting. I try not to sit down and think, "Oh boy, gotta edit," because it's a mental block. If I just sit down to casually read my stuff, then I find I'm editing without really thinking about it.

    Good luck on the MRI tomorrow — I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. C.J. Ellisson permalink
    September 23, 2009 6:30 pm

    Thanks Nicole, great approach to editing! I'm doing Holly Lisle's 'print out and write up with a red pen' approach and it's draining to say the least.

  3. Nicole_Hadaway permalink
    September 23, 2009 9:32 pm

    You know, just print it out, and then start reading, from, say, the middle of the book (I don't know about you, but by the time I got to the end of my book, my editing was probably out the door because I just wanted it to be OVER). And just read a chapter. With a red pen in your hand.

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