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My Real Passion in Life

August 30, 2009

I love to work on my house. I love to improve stuff and do it cheaply. For the first time in our lives, my husband and I can afford to hire people to do work and no longer have the need to dumpster dive to decorate.

The real issue is we both HATE to spend money when we know we can do it for less on our own.
We recently took a one year hiatus on no more work on our house. We’ve worked ten years straight on four houses and it really wore us out – both mentally and physically.
I needed a break or I was going to kill him in his sleep. Before you judge me – try juggling living in a house you’re rehabbing with two small kids (and considering my kids are 8 and 6 that also means I was pregnant during those re-habs), then we’ll talk.
We’ve done a ton of organizing and I feel like tackling another project. This one will not be nearly the same as our last – turning our formal living room into a library with three corner desks – THAT nine month hell was what prompted the year long hiatus.
I’d like to share the before and after shots of some of our work – the first being one of my favorites. I salvaged a big huge brass chandelier and turned it into something cool.

Hope you enjoy them!

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