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Wow! I may actually be able to promote my book via the iphone/ipod

August 19, 2009
Below is a blog article written by a popular literary agent, Nathan Bransford. I sent him a sample of my work and a query and he politely told me it wasn’t his cup of tea. That’s okay, I’m sure I will hear that a lot in the coming months and I’m not offended.
I actually sent it to him to see what he thought on how my query was worded – he asks writers to do so in his blog. He thought it was a real query and rejected me. He doesn’t read this type of genre – and, let’s face it – either you GET it or you don’t.

Nathan’s blog is followed by over 1,900 people. Most of them in the industry: either writers, publishers or fellow agents. He writes very well and I’m surprised he hasn’t thought to write a book himself (perhaps he’s too busy blogging and working).
Anywho, I digress. My point was his article – it’s about reading on the iphone and ipod touch. Exactly the market I was thinking of hitting with my first seven chapters, hoping it would be a good way to boost sales by gaining interest in the book.

Now, if I can just finish editing/polishing my MS, get my website up and figure out how to do all the rest (find an agent, increase my fanbase, generally promote the hell out of myself – oh, and find a publisher)- then I’ll be ready for the ipod app.
Unless, of course, I self-publish then who the hell needs the agent and the publisher.
Ah, decisions, decisions…
Danica Avet very nicely promoted me and I’m returning the favor. This is a link to her author page on the FF&P chapter I belong too. She is a new paranormal writer, like myself, and you can find her on Facebook as well Myspace. Cheers and here’s good luck to Danica!

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And I have to say big THANKS – to whomever the anonymous person is that promoted me five times this morning at 2:08 a.m. I appreciate it!!
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