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Movie review of District 9

August 17, 2009
Pete and I went to see District 9 on Saturday night. I had never heard of the movie, didn’t know who was acting in it or ANYTHING the plot was about.
I want to share my impressions without giving away the plot – I’ll do the best I can. The movie starts in a documentary format. It runs on for about twenty minutes this way, a little long in my opinion, and I was almost afraid it was going to continue the whole movie like that.
It does change to a more “movie” format with less tags at the bottom of the screen reminding you of a documentary film, but does stay kind of in this vein for a while.
Basically, the movie offers a premise that an alien ship has come to earth and broken down. The aliens live on our planet for two decades and the film documents specific actions at the twenty year mark.
I was not really thrilled with the jerky camera angles in the beginning, reminiscent of a jumbled cable TV production. It made my head hurt a bit. The images were stark and scary at times.
The writer that came up with the alternate world went in a direction I didn’t particularly agree with. I’d like to say our society has come further than the writer portrayed, but it was a work of fiction and I need to accept it as such. There were some major plot holes in the film that left me scratching my head and saying “Why?” a lot. Perhaps it was an incredibly descriptive book and the directors/producers didn’t do it justice, I don’t know.
Was it even a book to begin with? I have no idea.
What I can tell you is it made me think. The movie was jarring, in your face, and offered a look into a world I hope never comes about. It was a good movie. I don’t regret the money I spent, or the time I was there watching it, but I would not rush out and watch it again.
It didn’t move me, it disturbed me. It left a lot of questions unanswered and it made me feel like it was happening in another world and not just in South Africa. I wonder how the people there feel about being portrayed in the movie’s unattractive light?
Pete and I left the theater quiet, not talking to each other once. Everyone was quiet. Not one person uttered an opinion. I think ‘shock’ is what we all were feeling.
Overall, the movie was strong and well done, but haunting. I’d rate it a B/B-. But I’d be hard pressed to say I enjoyed it or would recommend it highly. Sci-fi fans? Yes, but we’re a pretty excitable bunch. I’d be curious to hear what others have to say. Think I’ll go check the reviews.
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