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Supplement for Beyond Websites ariticle on FF&P for 8/5/09

August 2, 2009

My brother is an avid Second Life (SL) hobbyist; he’s the only way I would have known about the game. Seriously? I was shocked when I found out how big it was. You will need a guide. Unless you have a friend on there (and I’m too new to count), you should buy a book about it first.

Authors have been known to sell their books on there. Software has even been designed to cover translating your book into a format that you can sell and market in a virtual SL bookstore. Authors from SL have made the jump and had their books sell in print as well. I even handed out my first few chapters for free and got some people to cross out of the game and connect to me in Real Life (RL) and on Facebook (which is HUGE – some people do all their socializing on there and don’t venture out).

How does this all tie in? Because this is where I started. I planned my marketing out from start to finish and included SL in my plan.

In the game, you are only allowed to choose your first name. A system randomly picks last names and you can choose from a list of thirty or so. If you don’t see one you like, hit your back button on your browser and start the last name process again. I wanted one that sounded like a real name. Some are Dreamwalker and Thunderbolt, stuff like that. Write down the ones you like and continue to scroll through more names. The list will come back around again and you’ll find your first choice.

Viola, C.J. Ellisson is born and I tie everything into it. I register it with all the various writing guilds, create an email on yahoo, create a blog, yahoo user profile, google user profile, GoodReads, Twitter, set up the Facebook account, the Fan Page, buy a domain name, join some critiquing sites like Writing dot com (WDC) and Critique Circle — all of this using C.J. Ellisson. My pen name has more hits when you Google it in it’s three and half months in existence then my real name in thirty-eight years.

I’ll try not to think of what that says about me. ; )

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