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Looks like it’s back to the doctor’s for me…

July 29, 2009

I haven’t blogged about the results of my various medical tests. Most of my friends knew from my FB posts, private emails, phone calls and face to face chats. Well, things have started getting worse again, so looks like I’m going to be headed back to the allergist and GI doctor.

After my last colonoscopy on June 22, the discovery was made that I had a sever gluten allergy. I asked the doctor what’s the difference between me having an allergy or having Celiac’s. He replied “It’s the severity of the allergy. If your throat is closing up then it’s safe to say you have Celiac’s.” Apparently, like most illnesses, there are varying degrees of Celiacs. Some people have it WAY way worse than I do, so I don’t think it’s all that bad really.

So, here I sit. At my computer. Feeling crappy because my throat is closing and I’ve taken my allergy meds today. Apparently the original diagnosis from December’s endoscopy that revealed I had EE (eosinophilic esophagitis) is rearing it’s ugly head. Again.

I thought I had messed up at the business conference with something containing gluten, because I started to get hives and then my throat started closing again. Now, after days of being good, I’m thinking that maybe I haven’t caught all of the allergens yet.

Yes, yes, I probably did mess up at the conference. It was easy. Every damn meal had gluten in it and I was freakin‘ hungry as all hell. I’m going to schedule and appointment and go back to see what the doctor’s say, but in the interim I’m going to cut wine from my diet.

I’ve had issues with straight wine making my throat close, but not when I dilute it. The allergist said perhaps it was the sulfite level of the pure wine. Some wines have more sulfites even the ones labeledsulfite free’ are not, it’s a natural by-product of fermentation. Not willing to let go of alcohol, I was eager to grasp at the doctor’s suggestion and continued to drink it watered down.

Now, the day after an awesome ABBA tribute concert with my friends and I’m going to have to pop Benadryl and lay down for a few hours.

I’m not even hung over! I wish I could blame that! I woke up feeling great and had plenty of sleep. Had my gluten free bread and an egg for breakfast. Ate a gluten free small pizza with meat for lunch – felt so decadent having pizza in the middle of the day (yes, I’m sad and have no life, that’s why I write)!

Eh, life sucks, allergies are not fun, but I’ll live.

The voice of my mom is always in my head: “Buck up, it could be worse. You could be dead.”

Off to pop my Benadryl.

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