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The Aftermath of Nationals

July 20, 2009

I learned so much when I was away last week at Nationals that I almost feel overwhelmed on where to begin. And now is the time to plan. To figure out what I’m going to do, as far as the whole week, for work. Starting with a plan of attack is the best way. Time to make that list – you know the one. The “to do” list. It’s way more work to get someone to even LOOK at my book than I thought it would be.

My kids are banging around upstairs with their cousin and two friends over for a play date. We’ve just come back from swim team and I finally got to have breakfast at 10:30. The day is overcast and storms are in the forecast. How much will I conceivable get to do with five kids in the house? We’ll see.

Part of me wishes I still had Sunday to look forward to. I spent the day racing back to DC to help out two published authors learn how to use Facebook and set up pages. They were super nice ladies and very appreciative of the time I spent with them. I think in business, no matter what field you’re in, that it is all about networking. Maybe someday, these authors will read my work and pass my name on to their agents – hey, stranger things have happened, I’m sure.

When I got back home at 1:30 I had two more people come over that I met at Nationals as well. They were staying in a hotel by my house and stopped by to learn how to use Facebook too. It is a very easy application to learn to use, but learning to use it while protecting yourself, your family and your business interests is the tricky part.

All four ladies were so incredibly nice about the help I gave them, that they suggested I teach a class on it next year at Nationals. Once I told them I had a short stint in being a corporate trainer they felt even more assured in their suggestion. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? I don’t have a book out yet, but I’ve done more than most published authors have so far in terms of self promoting and marketing, that I teach a class on it?

If it gets me noticed in the industry and an agent or editor picks up my work because of it, then yes. I would do it in a heart beat.

Time will tell. Now I’m off to plan my attack for the next week or so. Need to edit other writers work, finish editing my own last chapters, polish my whole book, read the books I got on submitting and then start to submit my stuff by the end of the month. Aggressive plan you say? Well, once I break it down into manageable blocks I hope not!


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  1. Jenna Alexander permalink
    July 21, 2009 1:20 am

    You were there and meeting people – that's important. Just think, when you sell your book you'll have so many people to party with!


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