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Been a long time since I posted…

July 17, 2009

I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed with juggling every aspect of my life lately. From finding out I have a gluten allergy (and figuring out what to eat), to finishing the book, to looking for an agent, (and then to discovering I don’t need an agent), to a family camping vacation and now a writing convention. Wow, and I call myself a writer after that crappy sentence? I’m just so damn tired.

I’m here at the RWA Nationals and decided to head back to my room and take a break. The morning and afternoon have been incredibly long. The workshop I attended was GREAT. She said something the agent from my first rejection didn’t – that it’s okay to write first person present tense. Then the writer went on to explain how. It seems like I did it all correct, so time will tell if I can sell it and people will actually buy it.

Last night I attended the Prism awards for the Fantasy Futuristic and Paranormal chapter I’m a part of. The members were inspiring and very honest, true people. It felt great to be a part of something larger, where everyone writes what you like to read.

The people I’ve come to know in connection to the fan page on Facebook make me feel like I’ve already made it. As if I’m in the same league as all the talented writers I see receiving awards. The support and encouragement they send my way is quite uplifting and humbling. I hope I can get a publisher to have even a smidgen of their enthusiasm for my work.

Oh, and when I make it someday, I’m going to make sure there are choices other than vegetarian and breaded/gluten filled entrees. It has been so damn hard to find gluten free meals here (with some damn MEAT) – every sponsored meal I’ve been allergic to most of it! Off to read Jenna Black’s new book and chill for a little bit. I need to recharge and get ready for more spotlights on publishers and workshops later.

Is it too early for wine? Probably.



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  1. Jenna Alexander permalink
    July 17, 2009 9:01 pm

    UGH conference food. I've had waaaay to many chicken Caesar wraps.

    You will make it and when you do the rest of us will say – "I know her!"


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