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Life can be pretty damn funny

June 1, 2009

Some of you read my status message from Friday and know a bit of this story based on that. BUT, it was so damn funny, it deserves a blog entry.

My family went to Benihana’s on Friday night. You know the drill, they seat you at a big table and fill up the whole thing based on when you all arrive. We were there to celebrate my daughter’s terrific portrayal of the sun in the second grade musical titled “Nuts”. She was very proud and pleased and we let her pick the restaurant.

She knows Benihana is expensive and she knows her brother hates it – and the poor thing was thwarted when she tried to pick it in March when her team got second place during an Odyssey of the Mind tournament. We promised her that this time, no matter where she picked, she would get to go even if her brother didn’t like it.

So here we are – eating at Benihana’s for my daughter’s big night. My voice carries well and I, of course, inform the polite couple at the end of our table what our toast to my daughter is all about. Not that they could give a rat’s ass, but they were really nice about it and showed some polite interest. My daughter is excited by the attention and pleased we’re there – so the kids had a good night (and yes, my finicky son decided he now likes Benihana’s).

I have my typical Japanese rum drink in the souvenir glass, because hey, I like them and I have the ninja and samurai already. Laugh all you want – my son wants me to get a fourth one so we have enough to all have one during dinners at home.

My parents are with us and they seem to be enjoying themselves as much as we are. I am a good mom, I do not mention my book all night. It has been consuming me the past week or so and I have been writing up a storm. I did not want my daughter to be upstaged by me or my book for even a second.

Do I notice that the young hip couple at the end of the table are in the exact demographic for my book? Yes, I do have eyes. But, I refrained.

My dad, on the other hand, the one who told me I made him blush when he read the first TWO chapters, decided to announce to the lovely couple, “My daughter writes Erotic books.” I think I almost pee’d myself. I screeched out “Dad!” but of course, the cat was out of the bag now.

Thankfully, the checks had come, my daughter was tired, and if this nice couple now was going to look at me like “she writes porn”, I wouldn’t have to put up with it for long. I did clarify that I do not write erotic books – that I write urban fantasies with an erotic element in them. Once I said Vampires, they were all ears. Yay!!

Turns out they both love Tru Blood and Twilight, so I was right on my demographic assessment. Lisa (of Lisa and Andy at Benihana’s) stopped by the fan page tonight and said hello. Here’s to hoping she likes it! If not, well that’s okay too.

After all, I got this really cool ceramic Buddha mug with a hole in his back where the rum drink goes. It was a great night!

“My daughter writes Erotic books” Damn that is a fine opener!!

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