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Been writing up a storm

May 28, 2009

I have been on a roll with writing, submitting chapters and critiquing others work this week. Hence, no blog entry. I’m finding that even though I’ve been able to juggle Facebook, Yahoo accounts,, and that my writing group, Twitter and the blog keep falling to the wayside.

I’ve got to work out some type of schedule so I can get all of it done and still manage the house, kids, pets, cook meals AND keep my husband happy. Oh, and of course, write the book.

I start an online writing class next month. I’m looking forward to it and in finishing my first book. Pete and I went to dinner Monday night and rough outlined the whole second book – super exciting!! This writing class will be a great opportunity to flesh out that story and have it ready to write when the first is polished and put to bed.

My diet this week has been altered from no tomatoes to no wheat. Got a lot of rice flour products yesterday at the store, yippie. All I can say is rice bread is not too appealing, it is heavy and dense. Here’s to hoping it tastes better than it looks. In all honesty though, I think I’d rather have no wheat than no tomatoes for the rest of my life. I really do love meat sauce (which I had on rice pasta last night, and it was good) and salsa (which I had with rice chips – surprising good).

Oh – and one big thing – Pete upload some new firmware to our 18 mos old Blu Ray player, that couldn’t play Tru Blood because the DVD’s had a newer blu ray format (WTF, can they make this shit any harder?) and it worked!! We watched the first two episodes to season one last night and it rocked!!

I can already see some things they’ve done different and it is a much more graphic interpretation than I anticipated, but it is damn good. I can see that my book would make a great movie series as well. Got to give kudos where it is due – Pete, Supriya, my Gossip Fest gals and the fans on the page have said it from the beginning. Now if we can only get Hollywood to see it too. Maybe it would be a consideration after 4 books, but I think after one it is a bit soon to dream that!

Wonder if my neighbor Tom really has ‘Hollywood connections’ like he claimed and if this would make it into someone’s ear or is he blowing sunshine my way? I’m going for the sunshine option.

I’m grateful everyone thinks so highly of it, but I don’t see it in the cards. Let’s be serious for a moment – I am not done with the book yet. I have no expectations of granduer, unlike my husband. He keeps making these comments about what he’ll do (which is play golf) WHEN my book sells millions, and I have to laugh. He really does think that this will be huge. I think it’s great he is so positive and so supportive, but I’m much more realistic than he is.

There are a lot of good writers out there and lots of great books being turned into movies and such. I just want people to buy the book, beyond that, right now, nothing else seems real.


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