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Chima’s – A night to remember

May 17, 2009

I had an absolute blast last night out with friends. I really wish we had a chance to do it more than just every few months. It was a Brazilian Steakhouse in Tyson’s corner with terrific atmosphere, great service and tasty meat. Most of us had never been to a place like this and it was a new dining experience.

I think my favorite part was the men. Big surprise, eh? They were dressed in white shirts, had orange scarves around their necks, with black pants tucked into boots. The ‘bandoliers‘ (or whatever they were called) walked around with spits, long knives, carving trays and wide leather belts slung on their hips. It gave the whole experience an amazing touch to have these exotic looking men from half a dozen nationalities milling through the restaurant stopping to inquire if you wanted their choice.

After the first round of drinks (okay, before the first round), the women at our table were having such a blast eyeing up the men that one said “Should I pinch one as they go by?” Now, of course she didn’t, but it certainly was a nice devilish start to the night! I told my friends the dilemma I was having with names and we decided to pick some good ones from the servers and work them into the book (or the next one).

We chose Fernando and Nilton, and lastly Theo. When Theo expressed an interest in the book and asked what it was about (because after a while we did talk about the book and our next big party in September – Rocktoberfest) he wanted to be a vampire. Isn’t it funny how everyone wants to be a vampire? After he left I said to the ladies, “He can’t be in this book, because I already have Leo and that sounds too close to Theo.”

The ensuing ruckus was quelled only when they agreed they liked Theo better as a name, mainly because none of them like Leo Dicaprio, so viola! I’m going to re-name Leo, and Theo gets his wish, he’ll be a pretty cool vampire in the story. The Leo vamp has a sad past so I thought it was fitting that the young man I met last night was an artist. I’m looking forward to hearing his music today on youtube. His user name is alfino_piano, for any of you interested. I don’t have a youtube account yet, so I’ll have to set that up and get his video to play on the page.

Amazing how strangers come into your life for a brief moment and yet they still make a strong impression.

The funniest part of the evening, was not renaming Leo, it was all of us talking about sex toys. Two of the ladies were aware of my ‘product placement‘ idea and love it – the other two were, sadly, quite unaware of toys or their use. They asked a LOT of questions and the three of us answered, it was so much fun it was scary. After my second drink I laughingly told them of one of my other ideas to promote the book.

That right before release I would start an advice column on sex and have it be answered in Vivian’s voice. Think of the fun it could be to research stuff and make it sound like it’s coming from a 500+ year old sensual diva. They loved it!! So, we’ll see. I feel like I’m going in a dozen different directions all at once, and while it is incredibly exciting, it is also a bit overwhelming.

The contest on the Page to post the most and win a signed book is going great, and it is not that bad to keep track of – yet. If this really picks up, I imagine it could get quite confusing! Time will tell.


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