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My REAL passion in life

May 13, 2009

Today I spent a few hours at my writing buddy’s house. We were supposed to be working on Act 2 and 3 of her book, but well… she asked me about decorating and furniture placement. And then – BAM!

Before you know it, I’ve gone through 4 rooms on her main level and just gone to town. The best was when I wanted to move her desk in the room where she writes, “No, I like it where it is.” I smile and nod.

Inside, I’m thinking:

Umm… Okay, I’ll come back to that after I re-do you’re living room, dining room and family room – oh, and the foyer too.

It was so much fun. After she loved what I did in those other rooms she allowed me to move her desk, and of course she liked it! She was the sweetest person, ooing and ahing over the placement of things. She even said about herself, “Damn, I sound like one of those people on extreme home makeovers!!”

Now the real schtick – was she being incredibly polite or did she really like it? Time will tell. I know I hadn’t sold her on taking the big damn couch and pulling it away from the wall in her family room, but it needed it. Needed a ‘conversation’ area, not a ‘shout across this pathway’ type of feel.

She knows this is my true pssion, not writing, believe it or not. My husband and I lived in and flipped three homes in 6 years – way before it was ever on TV, while doing most all of the work ourselves. And now, here we are, in the fourth and final move up. House is so big we’ll be fine for decades to come.

Thinking I might post some of our ‘before and after’ pics – it’s just one more thing to pull me away from writing, so maybe I’ll hold off on that til the book is done. It can be my ‘reward’.

Oh – and I have some news on the writing front. I made finalist in a RWA contest down south – called the Dixie chapter, I think. Very cool, winners will be announced in July. Up in the corner is my little bit of ‘flair’ to go with it, a badge they sent me. I’ll keep you posted!!


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