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To be a writer you must write

May 11, 2009

I have heard great things about Stephen King’s book on how to write. I have several writing buddies who have read it and encourage me to as well. He talks about the overuse of adverbs and the discipline it takes to be a writer (among other things, I’m sure, I just have to read it first!). Spells it out as simply as it gets – you want to be a writer you must write everyday. Got to go get that book.

I have been lax lately – letting myself get pulled in multiple directions. From the ‘high’ of having so many people on the Page, to the ‘low’ of figuring out how to keep them all interested when I’m only half way done with the book. Followed closely by the high of so many joining the fan group and the low of waiting for people to read the latest chapter and tell me if they like it or hate it.

I had great news this weekend on Mother’s Day. I got a response from VampLit, the publisher Narrelle Harris referred me to. They liked the first chapter and would like to read the work when it is done! Whew! Okay, no I have to finish it.

Of course, that will be much easier to focus on when I get the latest test – a CT scan – behind me. Wish me luck, send good karma, or whatever works for you – I’m nervous, but at the same time confident nothing will show up on the test. The chances are just so damn slim, but that doesn’t lessen the worry any!!

I’ll keep you posted – and I’ll get back to writing!!


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