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The Fantastic Four have Spoken!

May 7, 2009

Had a great night last night having my friends over to dish about my book. None of them read this genre and all were intrigued by the story and the writing. Their support and kindness were amazing and I think I may be able to pull this off and actually get this book sold with a good following to boot!

They gave me advice on small small things, things I’m happy to change that aren’t a big deal in the scheme of things, but will make a difference on how the finished piece is received by readers. One friend, Wendy, is an incredibly confident self aware woman and she took umbrage to the fact that Vivian calls herself ‘trampy‘ in the story. She was right – a man would be studly so why should this strong powerful vampire call herself something akin to a whore?

I’m thinking of going with ‘sensual diva’ instead, or something equally as fun – we’ll see what the final outcome is in the weeks to come.

Hope, bless her, cut and pasted all my work from on line and wrote up all my grammatical errors and punctuation problems. Both she and Linda have offered to be free editors for me and I think that is freakin awesome!! AND if it sells, and I make any money, I’ll toss some their way in thanks.

Next they all gave me small suggestions on where to tweak things – like change mini-control room to observation room, change the ‘once a month’ comment to every few weeks (the ladies did not care for the ‘once a month’ reference to Viv spiking the water supply with BLOOD, good point!). They pointed out spots that needed more clarification – like the blood in the water and the ownership of the inn ‘passing down’ to fake relatives – they wanted more how’s and why’s.

My buddy Tracey, that couldn’t make it due to a sick child, was great when she called me earlier in the day – she said she didn’t think I should keep calling the book Erotica because it had an awesome story line. I explained I had no control over how a publisher would try to market it or where they would ask a book retailer to place it in their store. She pointed out I should – so maybe I’ll get my ‘urban fantasy’ or ‘paranormal romance’ tag for the book yet.

I can dream that a publisher will let me call the shots, hey, it’s a free world.

Overall, I’d say the best suggestion that they all agreed on was I needed to inject a bit of an “Oh God” moment for Vivian in the second chapter when she is talking to Iona. That the first chapter is so focused on the crime we don’t get a feel for what Viv’s impressions and fears of what finding this murdered person could be. Excellent point, and I’m looking forward to adding that in to the second chapter on the re-write.

The absolute highlight to the evening was when Linda straight out asked “I want to know what are in those goodies baskets, are they toys?” I said yes, they are, and wondered how much they wanted me to tell them, that they would find out as the book progressed. They wanted to know if the toys were real and how would I know – too damn funny. So of course, I had to go upstairs to get the item in question and that is when the party got really interesting!!

They all wanted the name and the website where they could find it! Exactly what I hoped a reader would do! I’ll be the Dr.Ruth of the vampire set just yet, you watch. Teaching married couples everywhere about new toys they never heard of and starting a revolution of happy sex lives in America. Stranger things have happened in life I bet.

It was a really productive evening and I’m lucky to have such smart friends. I think next time for chapters 7 through 12, I’ll entice them over with a fondue dinner. We can dish and eat at our leisure, what could be more fun?

Off to write, I feel inspired!

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