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Gossip Fest for May

May 6, 2009

I’m having a group of girl friends over tonight to mark up my first six chapters. I’m hoping they’ll have some great suggestions for improvement and flow of the piece. It’s like my own private little focus group in the exact demographic the book will be marketed to – and the best part is none of them read this genre.

I’m going to ply them with wine, good food, milano cookies and more wine – should be fun!

On another note, I submitted my guest blog piece for Frightening Journeys – I hope some people from the Page go and check it out when I post the link on Friday. Bethany didn’t tear it apart, so apparently it wasn’t all bad. I decided to write it on how I started writing this book – title is From Bookclub to Writer.

Got news today that I won third place in an Erotica contest – and to be honest, mine was the most vanilla of the bunch – so I’m shocked and honored it was chosen at all. And I do mean some seriously scary stuff, I have no desire to have that type of tone in my books. Didn’t think I was a prude but a woman fisting another woman is not my thing. Okay – moving on from that topic!

Scheduled my CAT scan for next week, wish me luck! Started a new food elimination today – tomatoes. All I can say is thank GOD I’m not allergic to milk. I like my coffee with cream way too much. Bad news is, my throat was closing up on something I ate today. I’m almost hoping it is the strep throat going around the school and I’m wrong that it is something I ate! Think happy thoughts – oh and get back to writing that’ll keep my mind off this stuff!

Nothing in the world works as good as avoidance ; )

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