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I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger!

May 3, 2009

I’m still waking up and the coffee is not done brewing yet. My kids both woke up at 6:40 to use the bathroom at the same time and had animated conversation outside my door. So here I am, up on a Sunday way earlier then I’d care for.

Some of you know I’m involved in critiquing groups and sites to help me improve my writing and polish the book. One of my crit partners in a group had to drop out because one of her books was accepted by a publisher and she got busy with re-writes. Kudos to her!! And I will try my best to hold back my green eyed monster lurking within.

She has a website, that I plan on exploring more today, and has approached me to be a guest blogger for her Friday spot. I’m thrilled! And, to be honest, a little scared. My first thought was “what in the hell do I write?”

She told me the focus is on writing and it should be geared around that. Humph. I’m not educated in writing, I take my first class this coming June and I’ve learned more from the critiques I’ve given and received in the past two months then I have in my whole life.

The only thing I can truly tell, with any sense of accuracy is my own story. I remember reading a while back ”write what you know”, which is why the couple in my book are in a long term committed relationship and they have great sex – that is what I know. The ups the downs and the hard parts too.

I decided I will tell my story, the one about how I became a writer. The journey from when I decided to write to how I got to this point in time. It is what I know and about the only thing I’m qualified to write that pertains to writing.

I was writing yesterday a long detailed description to Joy Shack, one of the new contacts I’ve made through the fan page on FB, and I think that is what gave me the idea. She and I were discussing art and our respective backgrounds in it and that is what made me think I could do the same kind of thing for the blog – kind of my last 4 months in a nutshell.

I’ll keep you posted, I need to write it and submit it this week and it will be posted on a Friday (not sure if it will be this coming one or not). I feel honored to have been asked and I hope I can spin a tale worth reading!


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