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I did it!!

April 29, 2009

I got through the dreaded chapter 13, and now I don’t know what all my hype was about. Perhaps that was my first experience with “writer’s block”, I’m so freakin clueless on most of this writing stuff that it’s a guess on my part.

Reading it over, it is not nearly as ‘dark’ as I had feared it would be. I think on my re-writes I’ll have to flesh it out more and make it more creppy/disturbing/sad… something! But, I’m going to push forward, I know where the rest of the book is going and I can’t allow my perfectionism to slow me down anymore.

I went to Stephanie Meyer’s website yesterday, under the advice of one of the fans on the page, and read some really interesting things. It looks like, start to finish, it took her under six months to write the book and submit it to an agent and then a publisher for a signed book deal.

By that calender, mine would be in the same time frame if I signed by August 10th. Wow, that is really not that far away. I better get crackin!!

My plan was to finish writing and submit the queries, synopsis and first three chapters by June. But now, with the black coffee slowly starting to work (I think I’ve just had an epiphany!!) I’m seriously considering submitting the first query letters by mid- May, I’ll be at chapter 22 by then and only a few away from the finish line. Considering how long it takes to have these agents get back to you – a minimum of three weeks – and then they request the first three chapters. THEN if they like it you get a request for the full MS and then the wait begins for a publisher to like it.

Think about it – by the time they get back to me I’ll already have the book done and the polishing will be at the mid-way point. Is it slightly dishonest to say I’ve completed the work when I truly haven’t? I don’t think so – this business is about timing, and I need to strike while the iron is hot and I have a fan base the agents and publishers can see.

I’m excited by the upcoming contest I’m going to have on the page for book covers done by fans – I really hope it can keep the interest up and drive people to join. This is all exciting and over whelming at the same time.

Wow, talk about a productive morning and a great brainstorming session on my blog. I’m going to go map it all out and get crackin. Do I run the risk of an agent reading this and discovering my evil plan? I doubt it very much – are they really going to go back and read my old blog posts? Well, I could always delete this one as damning evidence and then I’d be safe ; )

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