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April 27, 2009

Ah, today I’ve made some good progress and feel like I’m moving things forward again. Did a rewrite of the new chapter six, added in more detail to chapter ten and read & critiqued Supriya’s first five chapters of Breathing in Bombay.

Detail in chapter ten was key, so I’m glad I did it, and I may still rework it some more. I think the scenes I wrote in eleven fed from it, so it needed to be fleshed out better. That and when I sat down to write more of chapter thirteen I was hesitant. Again.

This is a very powerful chapter and will have a lot of pain it, I’ve been pushing off writing it and wanting to skip ahead to get back to the fun parts.

I’m torn on doing just that. I have successfully delayed writing on it for one more day, and that really was not the idea behind spending the day focused on writing and not going on Facebook. I have become addicted to the interactions with people and love to be able to reach out from my terminal and ‘talk’ to everyone. Bad, bad, Bad for writing… but, good for the soul.

Ah… back to thirteen, Dria is going to be pulled back into a painful memory of her past and crippled with fear for a bit. The descriptions here will be key to bring the reader in to the pain she is feeling and I’m drained just thinking on it. My writing skills are getting better as I go, but this is the biggest challenge I’ve faced in writing so far.

Oh – and on another note, I did not win the contest entry for Flicker Of Madness. To be fair, I did win it last month and it was a quick write on my part. Titled: The Birth Of Jonathan and I rather liked it. Think I may post it this week for the Jonathan fans to read as well.

Okay, off to get the kids and then try to focus on the painful chapter 13 – is it ironic that it is numbered thirteen and some people call the number unlucky? No clue, but it is sucking the life out of me.


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