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April 24th, 2009

April 24, 2009

Haven’t written in a few days on the novel – it has been a whirlwind of activity in my life lately! The doctor’s appt turned out okay. I have to eliminate a certain group of foods every three weeks and catalog the improvement. Oh – and go for a CAT scan, think I’ll call to schedule that today.

First one I’m doing is milk – which is in a hell of a lot of things. I thought I could have my non-dairy creamer , but damn if it doesn’t have some milk in it! WTF? And no rice or soy milk, so the depressing part is no coffee. Just tea. I thought I’d be okay with that, but now I’m wondering if my headaches the past few days could be linked to caffeine withdraw.

Today I’m drinking black coffee with sugar. It isn’t great, but if it can get my head to stop pounding then so be it. I think the levels in tea must be much lower than I thought, well, time will tell. But God, does this suck.

On the writing front – I lost a couple of fans with the roll out of chapter four – but picked up a bunch more with the target ads to the UK and Australia. Yeah! Debating on how to keep the momentum going after the release of the sixth one next week. Private group? Redirect to WDC? Not sure.

Once this headache goes away I can get back to writing the chapter I’m on. Oh – and I did submit to a writing contest. Another ‘flash’ piece under 500 words, wrote it yesterday and was surprised at the response I got – wasn’t even asking for reviews, so I was pleased. Hopefully that will do okay – time will tell.

Off to brush up chapter 5 and release it on the page – crossing my fingers it goes as well as chapter 6!


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