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First Entry – What the hell am I doing?

April 16, 2009

Bright and early and I’m almost awake, that damn school bus shold really come later. Starting a blog is a big step for me. While I have no issues writing super long emails to my friends (who occasionally complain and tell me to write a friggin book) and certainly, I have no qualms about writing a story, a blog is harder. What is the topic? Who am I writing to?

What do I have to share that is so important? What can people really want to read? Is it more of a personal spot to share my daily life and all of the un-glorious trials and tribulations that entails? Who in the hell wants to read that?

Well, here we go. I’m a bold and brassy out there kind of woman, sharing personal things is hard (I know my friends will laugh at that one, but come on, you know me – that is why I open up to you!).

First and foremost, like most of the world, I fear failure. Will I pour my heart and soul into writing a steamy monogamous adventure series only to find thre is no audience for it and an agent won’t touch me? Here’s to trying, because if I didn’t I’d always wonder ‘what if?’

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I’m humbled by your interest and support.

P.S. any tips you experienced bloggers out there want to share and I’d be grateful, what do people really want to read?

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